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Nyrius Smart LED Bulb paves the way for the future

nyrius-smartledI am not surprised at all to hear that there are more and more stuff in our homes, at the office, and even in the realm of public domain that are getting smarter and smarter. After all, this is what the Internet of Things is all about, right? To deliver some sort of ecosystem where everything else is connected to one another, and they too, have a semblance of ‘intelligence’. Having said that, even our light bulbs, too, are not exempt from this particular trend, which is why we have seen our fair share of smart bulbs in the past. This time around, we have yet another model that you might want to consider, the Smart LED Bulb from Nyrius that claims to deliver safety, convenience while reducing the amount of energy costs in homes and businesses, basically wherever it is installed.

Nyrius happens to be the innovators of convenient connected home devices, and they are pleased as punch to deliver their Smart LED Bulb. Sporting seamless Bluetooth 4.0 control, the Smart LED Bulb will be able to set and create various ambiances, help to reduce energy consumption and provide endless hours of entertainment.

Since it carries the mantle of a smart bulb, you can be sure that it will also boast of a sleek, minimalistic design in order to keep up with the times. This makes the Smart LED Bulb blend in perfectly in any room and fits in majority of the sockets out there. This plug-and-play bulb is a snap to connect, where all that you need to do is to simply screw the bulb into a socket, before pairing it with a smartphone or tablet over a Bluetooth connection. It will come with a free iOS or Android companion app, which can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play. This app will see the inclusion of features such as the ability to display different color options to reflect and lift a user’s mood, such as purple to relax, orange to encourage exercise or blue to help increase concentration, as well as to set a daily lighting schedule which prompts lights to turn on or off at certain times.

The Nyrius Smart LED Bulb can be yours for $39.99 a pop.

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