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Nyrius’ ARIES Home+ is now available

nyrius-ariesThe Nyrius’ ARIES Home+ is finally available for the masses, just in case you were wondering when it was going to hit the market. Basically, this is touted to be the ideal wireless HD audio and video transmitter for those who are in need of a simple and efficient solution when it comes to streaming media. With the Nyrius ARIES Home+, you will find that it will be updated with not just one, but a pair of HDMI inputs as well as loop-through HDMI, ensuring that added streaming capabilities and convenience will be the new additions to just about any home entertainment set-up.

With the ARIES Home+, users will be able to enjoy an unprecedented level of freedom in order to easily and seamlessly stream uncompressed 1080p HD content from a one’s Blu-ray/DVD player, digital cable box, satellite receiver, laptop, or gaming console. This would mark a whole new way of enjoying your existing as well as upcoming entertainment material.

As mentioned earlier, the new ARIES Home+ features will also comprise of a pair of HDMI inputs that will enable users to connect a couple of sources, including the cable box and PS4, all the way to the transmitter and switch easily between them without having to disconnect one when not in use.

Apart from that, there is a new loop-through feature which will enable users to stream the similar content on one HDTV to another in two different areas of the home, so that users are able to stream the same content in two different environments.

The plug and play ARIES Home+ can also transmit a long range signal through walls, ceilings and floors from up to 100 feet in real-time without any latency, now how about that for a lag-free entertainment experience? Not only that, it also does surround sound audio streaming, and is 3D compatible to accommodate for advancements in home entertainment. For those who are interested, the ARIES Home+ will be available for $249.99 a pop.

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