NYNE Bluetooth Speaker – Take it with You when You Go.

I live in an area where everyone is on a bike. I see them all day long with their spandex on, water bottles strapped to their bike frames and earbuds in their ears. Now I’m sure they’re listing to very motivational music, I mean, I know I’d need motivational music (or a rabid pit bull behind me) to keep going. What they are NOT listening to however, is me honking my horn. I honestly don’t mind one bit, but it just doesn’t seem safe.

 So for those of you that are athletically inclined (or love someone who is) you may want to check out NYNE’s NB-200 Bluetooth speaker. Small enough to fit in your pocketbook, the NB-200 comes with custom clips that allow you to attach device to your handlebars and enjoy incredible sound quality, while still being able to hear the important sounds of the road around you.

Listen to streaming music from your Bluetooth connected device, fast forward, or adjust volume from the speaker’s controls located right at your fingertips. Answer calls through the NB-200’s speaker by simply pressing the answer button and chatting away, or wait till your grueling uphill battle has been won, and call back the last number that called you, again, right from your speaker.

The NB-200, is light, powerful and very compact, charges via micro USB, has a microphone with noise cancellation capabilities and is easy to pair with your iDevice. Its rechargeable lithium ion battery is good for about 5 hours of continuous play time. 5 hours? on a bike? I’m tired just thinking about it. The NB-200 is available at amazon.com for around 129 bucks and if I had a bike, or participated in any form of physical exercise whatsoever, I’d want one.