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Nyko Air Flo Mouse

This is one for the PC gamers out there. Sick of the sweaty palm meets clammy mouse syndrome? Make it history with the Nyko Air Flo Mouse.

The Nyko Air Flo is a fully-featured scrollwheeled dual button mouse with an integrated air circulation system. You can even adjust the amount of air being shunted through the Nyko to low, high or even off.

The Nyko is cleverly designed with easy use in mind. It’s clad with rubber-grips for ergonomic use. The Nyko is responsive to an accurate 850 dpi via an optical sensor.

The Nyko Air Flo is available from Crazy About Gadgets.

2 thoughts on “Nyko Air Flo Mouse”

  1. I used it for gaming until a year ago when my wife bought me a mouse with more buttons. The Airflo still serves me at work everyday and I have used this mouse almost everyday for the past 6 years. Ive worn the rubber grips off but man its still great. Wish Nyko would re-release another airflo mouse.

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