NX-7 GPS Navigation System


Oh, does everyone have one of these Navigation Systems now but me? Oh, I feel so out of it, like when I was in fourth grade, and all the kids had an Atari 2600 but me.

Well, maybe could get my head in the game with the NX-7 GPS Navigation system. This great Korean product is super-slim, and it utilizes a super sensitive SiRF Star III GPS receiver.

Not only does it do all the functions of a GPS, but it can do many things a DMB receiver can do with by watching digitally broadcast channels. You can also do some serious multimedia features with a DVD video in port.

So I am assuming you can watch some DVDs while you drive, which you should be doing. I always seem to mention this every time someone makes a GPS with video capability. I guess that would please someone with kids in the backseat, who will be leaning forward in the seatbelts to watch the latest PIXAR DVD.

Well, I believe that you should try this out, if you can. The NX-7 GPS Navigation System should be available sometime in 2008, but sadly, probably will be exclusive to Korea for now. That seems to always happen with the latest in technology, it tends to stay in Asia.