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Nuts, Yoda Crack

Yoda Cracker

If you enjoy noshing on nuts when you’re watching Yoda kick butt then this is the nut cracker for you, the Yoda Steinbach Nutcracker.

A connoisseur’s delight! This stunning Yoda nutcracker makes a perfect gift for any Star Wars fan to employ as a compelling decoration or one-of-a-kind addition to a collection. It is equally appealing to anyone who appreciates top-quality sculptures in the nutcracker vein. This exquisite piece is elegantly fashioned of wood, stands 10 1/2-inches tall, and features the fine German craftsmanship one expects from the very-talented folks at Steinbach

There is one darkside to the Yoda nut cracker and that is it costs $319.99, the price is strong with this one.