Numark iDJ Live

Want to rock things out at home if you’re aspiring to be a DJ? Well, surely you won’t be able to go too far off the mark with the Numark iDJ Live that currently retails for £79.99 a pop. With this bad boy, you need not tote around box after box of vinyl from gig to gig, as you can always stash away your collection of music on a portable media player (an iPhone or an iPod touch would do just fine), having it go along with the Numark iDJ Live.
At first glance, it does resemble a set of professional decks, sporting a high-quality setup that works in tandem with the iOS Core MIDI DJ software which in turn enables you to browse, cue, scratch and mix tracks together. Being small and highly portable, it doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out or have already reached the hallowed rank of “Grandmaster” – the Numark iDJ Live would still be a joy to use.
With a simple system that has an extremely low learning curve with looks to match, you get a couple of large performance platters that deliver the necessary tactile feedback required for accurate scratching effects, and there is also the central mixer section which enables you to crossfade tracks alongside a host of other technical areas. What are you waiting for, DJ in waiting?