Now your bike can show off like a peacock and you won’t look like a skunk

inflatable fenderstopeak logoInflatable fenders, finally!!

Thank you Topeak!!!!

Yes, now you can roll with a fender on your bike the whole time, and when it gets wet and slick, just pump up the fender and away you go.

Sure, you think bikes aren’t that impressive, well,, you’re wrong. The problem is when you’re stuck out in the rain riding your bike, you get a skunk style trail from the bottom of your butt up your back to your helmet. Outside of that (and the incessant downpour) the riding is the same, (ok there’s reduced grip and you’ll likely be soaked, but one thing at a time ok.

I think this is a wonderful solution to a problem that has vexed me for years. When I lived in Montana I had to ride in the winter with fenders that didn’t really cover enough and were heavy just the same. Plus to put them on and take them off was always a hassle. This answers both those issues easily.

I’ll probably be ordering one for my wife pretty soon from my favorite bike shop, Wheels of Justice in Montclair California,

inflatable fenders

(Justice and Dan are the best) Great job on the new site guys!!

Happy riding!!

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