novaPDF Lite PDF Creator

Adobe Acrobat has been the reknown popular PDF Creator for Windows. For some, users may just buy them off the shelves, but to others where financial is a little constrained, Adobe Acrobat just seems too dear to be purchased in a legal way. Well, instead of resorting to illegal downloads, or purchasing pirated copies of Adobe Acrobat, novaPDF is available for download freely and yet does the job equally well in creating professional quality documents in industry-standard PDF file format.

novaPDF allows users, from novice to professionals, to instantly create high quality PDF files by simply selecting the “Print” command from virtually almost any applications. As such, Microsoft applications, such as Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel, are easily converted to PDF file format and shared with others.

Fully equipped with several advance features, it is compatible with any PDF viewer or editor, such as Acrobat Reader and GhostGum.

Though I mentioned that novaPDF is free, it however leaves a “Created with novaPDF Printer” notice at the bottom of the generated PDF file, which is to my dismay, an unsightly look. Nevertheless, the product can be purchased for $19.95, which is much cheaper than Adobe Acrobat, to have that notice removed. novaPDF is available in 3 editions; Professional, Standard and Lite editions, with the last 2 respective editions having limited functionalities.

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