Nova is a wireless pocket flash that will make phone photos look professional

nove wireless phone flash

We love recording our experiences and sharing them with the world. Pictures of events, food, people, silly videos, and self portraits take over our social media news feeds. The more photos or videos we take, the more we realize what makes a quality image. Photographers always have to use diffused light to get the images they want. When it comes to our phones, the flash is a little lack luster.

If you want to take better photos on the go with your phone, then you’ll want to have the Nova in your arsenal. This is shaped like a credit card, and will give you a diffused LED light flash when you take a photo. This uses Bluetooth to talk to your phone, and can sync its flash up to 20 feet away with your shutter. There are 40 LED lights that you can control the brightness and color temperature of through the corresponding Nova app on your phone.

There are 3 light modes to choose from, including Gentle which will remove shadows, Warm which gives skin a natural look, and Bright, which is best used for large areas and crowds. You can also choose to manually change everything to your specifications. Since it’s not directly attached to your phone, you can determine the angle and distance of the light, which plays a huge role in how your photo is going to turn out. This will cost you around $60, and primarily works with Apple products.

Available for purchase on Photojojo