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The NOTTI Smart Mood Light is a visual smartphone notification system

NOTTI Smart Light

When you want to get work done, you should keep your phone as far away from you as possible. All of your social media hubs, friends and family that are ripe and ready for conversation, and new game apps for you to download will suck away every spare minute you have. No seriously, I just picked up my phone and lost five minutes while writing this.

 While the ideal is to keep your phone just out of reach, we need ways to make sure we’re not missing out on important information. If you’re not sporting a smartwatch, or just plain ole don’t want one, then you’re going to need a different way to stay in the loop. This NOTTI Smart Mood Light is a geometric-looking light that can act as a lamp whenever you’d like, but its main function is to alert you when you’re getting a text, for calendar alerts, calls, emails, and social media updates.

Since this has over 16 million LED color options, chances are you’re not going to be able to set up an alert for literally everything, but hey, I’m sure some are going to try. This can not only keep you in the know, but will pulse to the beat of your music in one or more colors. It can also wake you up with a gentle light alarm and turn off the light on a timer at night. Seeing that this is only $49.99 and has quite a bit of functionality of at least 5 different light gizmos, it seems to be accurately priced.

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