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Another $50 Coolest Gadget Contest

It’s that time of week again, please vote for what you think is coolest and leave a comment for a chance to win a $50 Amazon voucher, winners will be announced on Tuesday.

Stash Reef Sandals

Stash Reef Sandals

Unless you’re going to the beach with a larger group, you are going to run into a problem: you are in the water, while your stuff is not; how do you make sure it won’t get stolen? The Stash Reef Sandals offer the solution: they have a little “drawer” inside the sole where money, credit cards or keys can be stashed. And who ever heard of flip flop thieves?

The full post can be found on S2999.

Vacuum cleaning robot

Vacuuming must be one of the most boring chores on earth. But get one of these and you’ll never have to do it again.

The full post can be found on Decide What to Buy.


Layz Spa

LayZ Inflatable Spa

The LayZ Inflatable Spa is the ultimate must-have luxury gadget. It can be positioned indoors or outdoors and is the perfect thing to pull out for your next party.The spa inflates within 10 minutes and just by plugging it in. The tub features 80 turbo-massage jets and comes in two sizes, a smaller 2-4 person version for those with limited tiled space in their house, and a roomier 6 person tub.

The full post can be found on Gaj-It.


Lensbaby 2.0 and 3G

Lensbaby 2.0 and 3G

The Lensbaby 2.0 and 3G are selective focus SLR lenses, which have a flexible “lens barrel” to give you that smooth out of focus effect in portions of your images. Basically, you bend, push and pull the lens to move the “Sweet Spot” where you want it and blur the remaining areas of the image. The Lensbaby 2.0 and 3G are designed to work with a number of cameras, including Canon, Sony and Nikon digital SLRs.

The full post can be found on Photography Bay.


Storefront Rocket Ride

This is the classic rocket ride encountered in front of supermarketsduring the 1960s, recalling a time when a single nickel and imaginationwas the only requirement a child needed. An authentic unit refurbishedto its original state, including the details of its tapered nose cone,bulbous body, and symbols suggestive of space travel.

The full post can be found on Random Good Stuff.


Krysalid’42 Trimaran Offers $600,000 Sail

Featuring a foldable structure that can be unfolded within two minutes; it proposes to offer more room on the bulky (42 foot) bridgedeck tavern to accommodate 6-8 people .

The full post can be found on Elite Choice.


Carry Your Music with You Everywhere You Go with Reppo II

Jonas Saraanen understands that you may be feeling nostalgive about the love-and-peace era but still need you feet firmly on the ground. The Reppo II includes integrated speakers and high quality digital amplifiers in a backpack that you can carry on your back anywhere you want.

The full post can be found on


Thanks to all the sites for their submissions now over to you guys for voting (don’t forget to leave a comment with your reason for a chance to win a $50 Amazon voucher) :


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18 thoughts on “Another $50 Coolest Gadget Contest”

  1. The sandals are a great idea! I always fear that my wallet or keys get stolen when Im at the beach. Now when I leave my towel to take a dip in the ocean, I wont have to fear anymore! Unless someone actually takes the sandals…

  2. Definatly the sandels. Because we all know swimming suits have very limited space for those little necessities like a stick of gum, drivers license,and maybe a couple of bucks for a cold soda later.

  3. I am a fairly good photographer with very good equipment but i love my lens baby!! This is one cool item! buy it even if you have just gotten into DSLR photography you will not be disappointed with the things you can do with this inexpensive item. push it pull it or bend it for different effects. it also attaches quickly and comes off just as fast.

  4. I go with the reppo II, i knows its kinda dorky, but the sandle’s could get lost easy and i would not want my money to go with that, so i know the reppo looks geeky but i think its the coolest out of all of them.

  5. Nobody is going to steal a sweaty nasty fungus encrusted pair of surfer’s flip flops! I voted for the Stash Reef Sandals because that’s just a cool idea to enhance a product we use all the time. Just be careful your hidden “drawers” don’t fall out on the way down to the surf!

  6. Definitely the Lens Babies. I’ve seen one in use at my neighbor’s home (the grass is greener over there) and this might be under the ol’ Christmas tree this year.

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