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Noria – who knew a window box could keep you cool?


When you’re looking at apartments, you want to make sure you get a place that has air conditioning. You think you can handle it with fans and wearing shorts, but there will come a breaking point, and it will be sweaty and disgusting. Window air conditioners are an option, but they’re not fun to install, decimate your ability to see out the window, and are louder than that uncle that always gets smashed at Christmas.

If you want a smaller and more tolerable method of staying cool, Noria might be something you’ll want to look into. This is a super small, supposedly super-effective window box that not only restores most of your view, but makes using it easy as turning a knob, and can connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth for further control. You can schedule it to run on a timer, or put it on fresh air mode to pull outside air in when the weather is a bit cooler. It’s about as loud as light rainfall, and shoots the air at the ceiling for better circulation to prevent warm air pockets. Regular usage during the summer months will cost you around $50 in utilities.

This can handle rooms up to 160 square feet, so you’d definitely need more than one if you’re not living in a micro apartment. This measures 5.8 x 18.25 x 15”, and the window opening size is 21-36” wide. You’ll be able to squeeze this onto a single or double-hung window frame, and thankfully you don’t have to be built of muscle to install this as it only weighs 30 pounds. You’ll be looking at paying out around $299 for this unit, and can expect it sometime in March of next year.

Available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter