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The Nordic Grip galoshes for high heels

Nordic Grip High Heel Galoshes

Walking in high heels is a seriously tough task. It takes a lot of practice to be able to walk and look normal, or on pretty much anything other than a completely flat surface. If it’s winter time complete with a blanket of snow and ice hiding underneath, but you still want to look fanciful in a pair of stilettos, it would be wise to take at least some precaution to save yourself from injury.

For the hard-working people that want to put themselves through the strain of wearing heels in nasty weather, you will want to have some galoshes that will fit your shoes. It’s always better to wear snow boots instead, but not everyone wants to deal with a shoe change. Nordic Grip has made some pretty awesome shoe covers made specifically for heels and ankle boots that will allow you to have more traction without having to use spikes.

Seeing that these covers go over the front toe of the shoe, they will keep your shoes safe from snow, slush, and salt alike. This will only cost you around $31, and comes in different sizes since not everyone has the same sized foot. They are made of a silicone, and will easily go onto your shoe without being a nightmare to get off. These will be much easier to clean off than your shoes, and may save you from a fall or twisted ankle!

Available for purchase on unikia