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The Nordic Grip Galoshes make sure your boots won’t scoot

Nordic Grip Galoshes
When all you can see on the radar is bad weather, there’s nothing better than going out the front door fully prepared. The cold can’t nip at you, and the chance for you to fall on your rump is severely reduced, meaning you won’t have to walk around like a penguin to not keel over. Of course, as winter is only during a certain section of the year, we don’t necessarily go crazy buying winter clothes, and are more often than not unprepared for going outdoors.

If you have a decent pair of boots that you love to wear in the winter, but they’re starting to lose a little traction, then you’ll likely either want to find a replacement or add more grip to the bottom. You can do the latter by getting the Nordic Grip Galoshes. These are shoe covers that use a technology developed for the South Korean military which will help you keep your feet beneath you.

When they’re not covering a shoe, they look rather similar to a pair of flats, however, it appears they have a penchant for stretching over large pairs of shoes. There are three different sizes to choose from, and while the site says these are available in black and cyan, it looks as though the brighter option is the only real choice. This will cost you around $55, and could keep you from an embarrassing fall, or a frustrating morning.

Available for purchase on Unikia