Noon Solar gets a new solar powered bag

Anyone on the lookout for a solar bag should really keep an eye on Noon Solar, they are one of my favorite brands when it comes to bags with solar panels.  They have recently created yet another bag to add to their line.  If you’re unfamiliar with the company, they do create bags for both men and women.  A lot of their bags are kind of a handbag style, but they do have a couple unisex products as well.  The bags are all featuring sustainable products and some of them come with an odd little locket.  That locket is filled with dirt, to remind that the bag came from the earth and can be easily returned to it.

I have wanted one of their bags since I came across the line about a year ago and since I tend to stalk their site.  I haven’t snagged one of their bags yet, purely because solar bags aren’t quite cheap.  A lot seem to think solar bags are best for those that are in the car a lot to go to work.  However, if you have a window nearby your desk at work you could easily pop the bag in that.  The Willow case which isn’t new exactly, has gotten a new look to it.  It now comes in the soft brown seen here, whereas it used to just be sold in a light gray.  Currently, it is sold out, which means they won’t show me the price, unfortunately.  To give you an idea though the Logan satchel which is their unisex bag, is being sold for $452.

Source:  hippyshopper