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The Nomatic Travel Bag is perfect for quick-trip travelers

Nomatic Travel Bag

When you travel for work, you have to deal with airports, cabs, walking, buses, trains, subways, and any other mode of transport you’re stuck with in the local area. Sometimes you’re lucky and have space to put your luggage down, other times it all sits in your lap, and you’re constantly readjusting yourself. You find yourself buying more and more bags to accommodate your clothes and gear, as nothing seems to hold it all nicely.

Should you find yourself going on 3-7 day-long trips pretty frequently, then the Nomatic Travel Bag was made for you. This has a strap system that will let you transform it from a duffel to a backpack in seconds without having to have dangling straps trailing behind you or getting caught in your luggage wheels. It comes with a vacuum-sealed bag, laundry bag that you can hang on a door in your hotel room, RFID safe pocket, laptop and tablet pocket, water bottle pocket, and a roller bag sleeve for easy transport in the airport.

It’s made of a completely waterproof tarpaulin material, and will fit standard carry-on sizes. There’s a pocket on the top for your socks and unmentionables, as well as a bottom pocket for your shoes. The main opening which has the laptop and tablet pockets on the flap gives you 19 x 12” of room. There are pockets hiding all over the place on this bag, and its design will make travel far more organized while keeping your stuff accessible. This setup will cost you $179, and will ship in January.

More information and crowdfunding on Kickstarter