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The Nomad Suitcase – work from anywhere

Nomad Suitcase

When you live on the go, you need to be able to get down to business regardless of where you are. Writing emails on the plane, setting up documents on the train, and sending everything off as soon as you get to the hotel. While it’s not mandatory, having a bit of a workspace is nice, and most of the time you’re lucky to find a seat and an outlet while traveling.

If you wish you could always hunker down at a desk and get some work done, then this Nomad Suitcase can help. This is your standard-looking suitcase, but it hides a work space in plain sight. There are two compartments on the interior, and a flip-out surface on the back side with a support leg that will swing down. The desk can support up to 22 pounds, and there is a folding chair that stows away inside of the suitcase, which can hold up to 176 pounds.

This is available in blue or yellow, and as it is a bit of a specialty item, try not to be sticker shocked at the $315 price tag. It doesn’t charge your phone or use a biometric scanner to open your bag, but it does give you a desk on command, which has got to count for something right? The only downside is that all the extras make it relatively heavier, so you’re already at a disadvantage if you’re traveling by plane.

Available for purchase on Japantrendshop