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The Nomad Hand-Crank Espresso Machine – when you only want to get away from a little bit of it all

nomad Hand Crank espresso maker

Much of the populace is wishing there was a happy medium between living off the land and the grid, but in a way where you’d still be able to get a mocha and scroll through Facebook at leisure. While we have gotten accustomed to certain luxuries, there are ways to bridge gaps between the modern world and an Eco-friendly one. We’ve seen tons of gadgets that are starting to do this more and more, but the only ones we really care about involve coffee.

The UniTerra Nomad Hand-Crank Espresso Machine is going to make sure you can get an espresso with perfect crema whether you have an outlet to plug into or not. This is a manual contraption that you add your grounds to, tamp, pour in boiling water, and seesaw the lever while watching the pressure build on the gauge. This action can build 8-10 bars of brewing pressure, and since you can watch the gauge, adjusting your speed will let you completely control the brewing process.

To make sure that your espresso isn’t just black caffeinated liquid in a cup, it has a true crema valve that will make up for the coffee ground and tamping variations. Coming in either cobalt blue or luminescent green, you’ll be looking at paying out $295. The best part is that this will be useful whether you’re at home, the office, in an RV, or out camping in the woods. While you’ll still have to get access to boiling water, that’s not impossible at any of those locations.

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