Nokia introduces E63 for business-minded folk

I must admit – Nokia’s E71 is one highly desirable smartphone, once you get past the fact that it isn’t as stylish as an iPhone and the display could do better with a larger version to view all the information on it, but not everyone can afford the E71. Other than those gripes, the E71 is a powerful smartphone solution that ought to cater for all your business needs. Those who are on a budget now have a more affordable alternative – the recently released Nokia E63. This lacks the sleek, chromed looks of the E71, but it ought to be sufficient for those who want a convenient mobile email solution along with portable productivity software that lets you bring your office with you wherever you go (we’re talking basic stuff here, nothing fancy though).

The Nokia E63 has been positioned as a messaging device that caters to both one’s professional and personal aspects of life, letting you update your social network or browse through a personal email account just about anywhere (watch those pay-per-use data plans though, they could end up costing you an arm and a leg). Available in two new colors, the E63 will feature Wi-Fi connectivity to help you stay connected in public places, while Mail for Exchange support keeps you up to date with the latest digital-based office chit-chat. Dedicated keys to contacts, calendar and email allow you to gain quick access to those functions without having to fumble through an unwieldy user interface.

A single key press is enough for the E63 to switch between modes, letting you view corporate mail at one instant to appointments and intranet data in the other. Each Nokia E63 also comes with Files on Ovi, a service where people can get remote access to their PC files even when their computer is offline. All E63 owners will receive a complimentary access to 1GB of online file storage.

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