Nokia goes slim: the 2630

small_2630We all know Nokia phones are usually pretty conservative in design, with solid features and constant interface design. They’ve only had a few outlandish designs, mostly concerning keyboards, but now they’re heading down the new (and mainstream) route.

Looking pretty good for an entry-level handset, the 2630 is only 9,9mm thick (in good Nokia tradition: that means it’s 9,9mm at its thickest spot).

The phone will cost about 85 Euros ($115) and will sport a camera of yet unknown megapixels, Bluetooth connectivity, a FM radio and mp3 ringtones.

The presence of e-mail, MMS and a calendar, together with the looks of the device, hint to the presence of the series 40 v3 interface, which would also be a first in this price class.

Here’s the press release. Thanks freshpilot

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