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The nOb – one knob to rule them all


When you’re doing creative work on a computer, you start to learn that certain accessories are important to making your life easier. There’s Flux to keep your eyes from burning out of your head for late night editing, things like the Bamboo tablet for drawing and editing, and calibrators for those who need to do color sensitive work. Making every move as seamless and precise as possible means getting work done faster so you can move on to the next thing.

Whether you’re working in 3D art, music, sound design, or photo editing, there are tiny adjustments you have to make, and a single pixel of movement one direction or the other can affect the finished product. While at first glance you might think nOb is a simple scroll wheel, it is so much more than meets the eye. This can control virtually any function you would like it to out of the box. This means sliders, scrollbars, knobs, and value indicators will be under your fine-tuned control.

The switches on either side indicate stationary, drag, vertical adjust, and horizontal adjust mode. The massive aluminum knob has 2400 ticks per revolution, and all of this is housed in a hardwood mahogany enclosure which makes it look mighty fancy. The big knob and switches are also touch sensitive, which gives you all sorts of options for what you tricks you can have it do. If you have no lack of creativity and have to do precise work on your computer, this would likely help a great deal. This will cost you around $158 if you feel like backing a crowdfunding campaign.

Available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter