NKD AQUA POD offers filtered and supercharged water

nkd-aqua-podHaving clean drinking water is something that many of us might take for granted, especially for those of us who happen to live in a First World country. If you have ever made a trip to Third World and developing countries, you would know just how some people live with seemingly dirty water, and have to literally make do with what they have. With the NKD AQUA POD, it is one device which basically allows you to transform ordinary tap water into pure mountain quality spring water as you drink, or so it is claimed. The NKD AQUA POD is a Kickstarter project that is also the first of its kind in the world when it comes to portable water filtration as you will find out in greater detail below.

 Just how is your water filtered and supercharged? Well, it claims to use “a 100% natural clean and green purification process” as you drink. While the standard issue water bottle’s structure has more or less remained the same for so many years, the NKD AQUA POD was developed with an intention to not only be functional, but pleasing to the eyes as well, resulting in a bottle for modern living. After all, what is the point of having the self-proclaimed “world’s best water” if it does not end up in the “world’s best bottle”?

The NKD AQUA POD works by sending water that you drink through a patent pending filter that is a snap to change, where it is touted to do away with chlorine taste and odor, not to mention filtering out around 99% of the bacteria in the water. It can also filter out heavy metals as long as the water you are drinking is from the municipal tap, while the gritty carbon taste that you normally experience from other carbon filters are also done away with. Not only that, your tongue will enjoy supercharged water with natural minerals and electrolytes that can be found in nature, and it uses the safest, most technologically advanced plastics which are FDA-approved plastics.

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