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The Nixie Wearable Camera – Your Life from a New Perspective


Let’s face it, taking pictures or ourselves, and our stuff, has become an icon of our times. Social media has taken over, and we are obsessed with posting images of our best selves, our supposedly ideal lives, and sharing this info with our “friends.” Most of the time, these images of our us with our lunches, or us in the mirror, well, they’re just boring… I want to see some real action! How about a few “Selfies” actually worth looking at? 

It might be worth checking out Nixie, a tiny little camera you can wear on your wrist, that transforms into a miniature quad-copter. Nixie allows you to throw the camera out into the air, where it will snap shots of you, even follow you, or take some panoramic pictures, and eventually fly right back to you, boomerang-style. How nifty is that?

Invented by a PhD in experimental physics, and with a team of genius engineer types devoting time to the project, it looks extremely likely that a personal picture-taking wrist drone could be in your future. The Nixie can capture HD images and sync with your smartphone while you’re mountain biking, golfing, skateboarding, or hitting the slopes. So forget about close up head shots of you, with your best friend at the beach, and let us in on some action.

Sadly, the Nixie is just in the development stages, so she wont be flying behind you anytime soon, but as the saying goes, good things come to those who wait… and I’m thinking this could be a very good thing. Visit for videos, and to sign up for updates and information. In the meantime, skip the pictures of your sandwiches, and cocktails… no offense, but you know who you are.

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  1. Thanks for sharing such nice post. I always love to capturing pictures for remembering those moments. I will definitely try this wearable camera and its amazing features..

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