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Nixeus Revamps the MODA Mechanical Keyboard

moda-v2It is the way of the world – there needs to be a renewing of models from time to time, for obvious reasons. After all, you can never remain where you are, and you are as good as your previous success – and there definitely will be people or organizations out there that will do their utmost best to trump you no matter where your standing is at the moment (unless your luck has bottomed out, that is). Having said that, a mechanical keyboard is nice to have, but what happens when the manufacturer decides that it is time to provide their current accessory with an upgrade? This is where the Nixeus MODA v2 mechanical keyboard comes in, where you can now indulge in the ultimate typing experience.

Gamers too, will be pleased as punch if they were to check out the new MODA v2 mechanical keyboard, where it now comes reinforced with a steel plate chassis, enabling this brand new design to deliver a greater level of durability to the keyboard; and inherently, making it ideal for daily gaming, office, home, or any general typing use. The newly added floating key design would also present an amazing and unique look which also makes it a snap to customize and clean as opposed to its predecessor.

Not only that, Nixeus has not forgotten about those who are using Macs from Apple, as the MODA v2 mechanical keyboard will now sport integrated full compatible use of the keyboard with Mac operating systems, and it happens to be the first to ever include optional Mac keycaps, now how about that? In addition, the MODA v2 mechanical keyboard will also come equipped with Nixeus Certified Mechanical Key Switches and will arrive in a trio of different switch options – namely Blue (Clicky Tactile), Brown (Soft Tactile), and Red (Soft Linear). There is also a 50 million Keystroke Life Span per Switch for added peace of mind, and each purchase will come with a 3 year warranty. Now you can surely game and type in peace!

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