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Nite Ops Can Cooler with LED Light for the nocturnal creature in you

nite-ops-can-coolerThere are many night owls among us out here, I believe, and having said that, the stomach tends to growl for food when the rest of the world is asleep. Better food than blood, of course, since a vampire would also have plenty of restrictions to worry about in getting around. Well, if you were to bite into a pizza to provide you with fuel through the night as you hammer away at the keyboard to meet the next morning’s deadline, how about ensuring that you have the right kind of fizzy drink to go along with the snack? Using ice cubes would be fine, but over time, ice melts and it dilutes the entire drink. Perhaps there is a better way of doing things to keep your drink cold, and that can be done with the exclusive $9.99 Nite Ops Can Cooler.

The Nite Ops Can Cooler will be able to fit standard 12 oz. beverage cans, and it is perfect for gun and military enthusiasts. This is a ThinkGeek creation and exclusive, so you are unable to find it anywhere else, and other than making sure your drink remains cool longer than normal, it will also be a way to stake your claim on it – so that none of your mates will “innocently” walk up to you and claim that it is theirs. The trio of AAA batteries will power the built-in LED flashlight that can be turned on or off by twisting the bottom. Looks like R2-D2 might lose out to this.

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