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Nite Ize INOVA T10R Rechargeable Tactical LED flashlight doubles up as a Power Bank

inova-t10rIt always pays to be prepared for a rainy day and emergency situations, which is why it might be a good idea to have a flashlight around handy. The Nite Ize INOVA Flashlight might be something that you could consider, taking into consideration how this is one amazing lighting solution regardless of the circumstances, and is also a unique backup power source while you are on the move. The Nite Ize INOVA is a rechargeable tactical LED flashlight that has the ability to juice up your power hungry devices when you are traveling.

Boasting of a brightness level of 3,500 lumens, this brand new INOVA T10R Rechargeable Tactical LED Flashlight + Power Bank from Nite Ize would then be able to project a beam that is more than a quarter mile, and has a battery life which can last for up to half a dozen hours. This makes it a precision high-performance pioneer in the flashlight industry. You will find that the Nite Ize INOVA T10R is one tough cookie, boasting of the highest standard of quality and performance. It is not only rechargeable, it is also shockproof, crushproof, and water resistant to boot.

All of these are made possible thanks to the aerospace-grade aluminum body as well as Type III mil-spec hard coat anodized finish, allowing it to take in a whole lot of punishment during use. This makes the INOVA T10R perfect for professionals who are involved in law enforcement, military, search and rescue, and does not exclude the serious outdoorsman who simply wants nothing but the very best in terms of lighting. The INOVA T10R is also a very good traveling companion, tipping the scales at less than two pounds, making it a snap to tote around.

The tactical mid-body on/off switch can be activated through a simple push, where one can then adjust its mode settings from high, low, SOS, strobe or variable dim. A light half press and hold of the button will bring it to life momentarily. There is also an integrated input and output charging port located within, and the impressive 14,000 mAh battery capacity allows the T10R to juice up USB-powered electronic devices. The $399.99 asking price might be a turnoff for some, but there is always a price to pay for everything.

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