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Néit Products delivers its first smart collapsible hard case luggage

neit-smart-luggageWhenever we travel, there is one thing that can be considered to be a compulsory item to bring along with us and that would be the luggage. It does not matter whether you are carrying a rucksack-style luggage or hard case luggage, either way, you need something to help bring your stuff along. Heck, even a gunny sack will do if one is really desperate and have run out of options, but since we have not been pushed to such an edge before, why not check out what Néit Products has in store for the masses with what it deems to be the first smart, collapsible hard case luggage in the world?

Having launched it on crowdfunding site Kickstarter, this is a unique piece of luggage that is sleek, elegant and modern. Néit intends to revolutionize the way people travel as well as how they store luggage when one has reached home, thanks to a patent pending collapsible design. This particular design feature would enable the frame to collapse down flat when the case is empty, making it perfect for storing in a small hotel room, condo, apartment, or just about anywhere where space is limited, taking into consideration the “pigeon holes” or “shoebox apartments” that many of us live in these days.

Néit will arrive in a couple of two sizes – Néit Hold and Néit Cabin. Regardless of which particular model that you choose, either one will arrive with four wheels with folding castors that can be collapsed and features a handle that can be hung for storage. Each case is made from a combination of lightweight, yet durable, Polycarbonate and aircraft grade aluminum that will see action for its robust frame that’s has been secured in an upright case by an internal zipper system.

No longer do you need to throw in a GPS tracker, as the luggage itself features GPS tracking, enabling travelers to locate their luggage if lost, in addition to having an iOS & Android Concierge App to take advantage of. The Concierge App will stash all relevant travel information such as boarding passes and hotel reservations, where it also delivers important information for you to refer to such as local bar and restaurant recommendations, activities, local transit, and health contacts at your destination. Any takers for this unique luggage?

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