Nintendo Wii Cushion Accessory?

504x_shame2Nintendo has certainly kept itself busy the past few years with the amazing success of the Wii, and word has leaked out that a new accessory that beats the WiiFit, hands down.

As you can see, the user can attach their Wiimote and Nunchuk to the cushion, and this can somehow simulate the effect of riding a horse, or something. Not much else is known about this other than that, but this is starting to become a laughing stock on many a gadget and video game blog.

Perhaps Nintendo is trying to get a jump on this new fad in video games that seems to require some odd accessory or peripheral, like Tony Hawk’s Ride. So maybe what we’re seeing is some sort of way that the player can feel Link riding his horse in the next Zelda game.

Of course, I can think of one thing that will prevent sales of this product: it looks ridiculous. It isn’t cool like the instruments of Rockband, and doesn’t seem to have the practicality of a Dance Dance Revolution pad.

Clearly, more research is needed, as this “Figure 4” is just an illustration on an online patent page. I can’t help but wonder what figures 1-3 looked like.


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