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Nintendo updates the DS for glasses-free 3D

Just when I thought that I could focus on reporting on the mobile technology at CTIA, an announcement comes forth out of nowhere that makes me drop everything.

In case you haven’t heard, Nintendo is not only planning on replacing the DS with a DS2, but they are going to skip a number and sell a 3DS. I suppose it skips the number because it is going to be way more advanced than the DS, and it will also be in 3D.

That’s right, 3D. You know that type that you saw in Avatar and the television companies want you to purchase. Unlike those 3D venues, this 3DS will not require any special glasses.

I am so not sure how that will happen, as glasses free TVs are not estimated to hit the market for five to ten years, says industry experts. Nintendo is is pretty silent as far as how that is going to happen. However, word is that this guy won’t be released until around this time next year (March 31, 2011), and it will be reverse compatible with other DS games.

By the way, Nintendo stock climbed 10 percent. Microsoft and Sony are probably wondering what they can do now to compete. Oh, and that Move looked so good.


4 thoughts on “Nintendo updates the DS for glasses-free 3D”

  1. How does it work? Theres a game for the DSi that uses the camera to detect when you move the DS around and when you do, you see the screen at different angles that make it look 3D. I’m guessing it will have similar technology to that, but probably a bit more advanced. Maybe face tracking and such. Still really cool, but different then how glasses-free TVs work.

  2. Well I think it’s obvious how they do it. The current 3D technology requires a polarized lens for the picture to pass through whether that’s your glasses or the screen itself. The DS has a such a small screen that polarizing it for 3D would be pretty cost effective considering the sales they will get being able to advertise affordable 3D. The thing with 3D on the TV that is so hard to do without glasses is the size and the distance that you watch it at. DS has a four inches of screen or w/e and you play it with your face practically in it. A TV can be up to 60 inches from most companies and you are going to watch it from across the room and have multiple viewing angles hence the extreme difficulty.

  3. You can try this 3D effect without the glasses on the iphone, there is an application that uses the same technology than the Nintendo 3DS, uses the accelerometer’s to know your perspective respect to the device, this effect’s it’s only if you incline the device, not if you move your head for example.

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