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Nintendo Mario Circuit Ultimate Building Set brings the races to the real world

mario-kart-circuit-setHave you tried giving Mario Kart a go in the past? If you have answered in the affirmative, then you would know for sure the kind of excitement that can happen in the midst of the race, where getting the right kind of weapon or defensive item might mean the difference between victory and a loss. Instead of enjoying the game in a digital manner, how about bringing it to the real world? This is what the $85.39 Nintendo Mario Circuit Ultimate Building Set is all about.

K’NEX are the ones behind realizing your favorite Nintendo game, where your imagination will be challenged as you create numerous adventures when it comes to building this, allowing you to watch both Mario and Toad race through the complete, multi-level Mario Circuit Track. Apart from that, the kind of rides that they have would include the super-fast motorized Wild Wing and Standard Karts. The entire course is five feet wide, where there are twists, turns, and jumps to navigate, not to mention some moving obstacles that will be able to knock those karts off the track there and then. Push levers will send the gaping jaws of the Piranha Plant to reach down, while the growling Chain Chomp chomps across, or there are also mischievous Goombas that waddle through just like the digital version of the game. With 665 pieces to select from and use, you’re in for a smashing good time!

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