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Nintendo Entertainment System Backpack rolls back the years

nes-backpackIf you were one of those who happen to grow up in the 1980s, surely you would have come across the likes of the Nintendo Entertainment System, or NES for short in many homes of your friends and contemporaries, so much so that you bugged your parents to get you one as well so that you can be with the “in” crowd. In fact, the NES proved to be quite the tool that kept you glued in front of the TV regardless of how the weather is on the outside, and now that you are all grown up with an Xbox One, PS4 and Wii U in your home, how about rolling back the years for your little one with the $35.99 Nintendo Entertainment System Backpack?

You would definitely feel as though this is one backpack that is full of power, where the custom zipper pulls do happen to resemble that of controllers, and there are dimensional details located right on the outside as well. In addition, there will be adjustable and padded shoulder straps for comfort, making this piece of officially-licensed Nintendo merchandise a must-have the moment you lay your eyes on it. It has a maximum capacity of 50 lbs. And is made from 100% PU. Best of all is, nostalgia will “power” it rather than a power supply.

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