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Ninja Gnome – cute yet functional for your garden

ninja-gnomeNinjas are the fabled warriors from Japan, where they move about silently and in the shadows, often being able to perform and execute their tasks flawlessly and making a quick and quiet exit. If you are an assassination target, then you would not even know what hit you. Having said that, they have grown to become legends, and why not have a little bit of oriental action in your backyard by removing them old gnomes and replacing those with the £19.99 Ninja Gnome?

As dusk falls, the Ninja Gnome will see his eyes glow in order to provide the to light your way. It will not need any batteries or be plugged into an electrical outlet, so do not worry about tripping over yourself. After all, this Ninja Gnome knows how to go green, as it is powered by a solar panel that has been embedded in the back of his head. Cast from rugged weather-proof resin, you can be sure that this is no shy ninja, standing out in the open, ready to face whatever challenges that comes in his direction. Granted, if looks could kill, this would be the perfect (garden) assassin, but unfortunately he’s as harmless as a butterfly.