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The Ninebot Self-Balancing Unicycle – the only classy way to travel

ninebot one
Some modes of personal transport, such as the Segway, have a knack for looking kind of ridiculous. It’s not to say that it wouldn’t be fun to take one out for a spin, but you are definitely going to look a little…hilarious. Not all methods look quite so silly, but many do have you standing awkwardly while the wheels do all the work, which is sort of the point.

If you fancy this method of travel, then you might be looking for a short commute transportation vehicle. The Ninebot One is a unicycle that can carry you near and relatively far. It can move anywhere from 6 to 21 miles depending on the charge while going 8-13 miles an hour. It needs about 1-4 hours of charge time depending on your usage, and will show you how much battery you have left on the display.

There is a corresponding app that will let you control the lighting effects on the sides, update the firmware, and keep track of your Ninebot. This can travel at a 20 degree incline, and is equipped with a safety alarm system that uses sound, light, and vibration to make sure you’re as safe as possible from going too fast, leaning too far, or are starting to run out of juice. There are tons of accessories, but that’s only going to add on to the initial price of $799, which is nothing to sneeze at.

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  1. If they make it travel farther and with a bigger inclined like let’s say 40° to 50° and gets the same amount of charge and distance as an electric car then any body would buy it but mean while no affence but its a joke I’m not saying I could do what they did but if I did I would go all out

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