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Nimb is a Smart Ring that will call for help when you need it


Walking alone at night can be pretty terrifying because you can’t always have an entourage with you, but if anything happens, “you shouldn’t have been alone”. What’s worse, you can be attacked in broad daylight, even when you’re 200 feet from the police station. Being ambushed isn’t going to give you enough time to get to pepper spray or dial 911. Getting your phone out and calling an emergency number or trying to be on a call with a friend sometimes doesn’t happen fast enough.

If you find yourself in a dangerous situation, the Nimb will only need 3 seconds before starting to send the cavalry your way. This is a ring with a concealed button that will notify chosen friends, family, emergency services, and the Nimb community of your whereabouts should it be pressed for 3 seconds. Of course, while this was built because the situation mentioned above actually happened (thankfully she’s alive), this can also be used for medical issues, keeping track of your children, and other emergency situations.

You will have to keep Bluetooth on your phone at all times to use this, though they are working on a standalone ring that isn’t so reliant on having your mobile nearby. Since your phone is so integral to this working, they’ve also included a proximity alert so it can’t get too far away. This plastic and metal ring is hypoallergenic, and comes in sizes 4-12 so you don’t have to choose a specific finger or hand to wear this on. It comes in white or black with a metal accent, and is going to cost you $115.

Available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter