Nike Hindsight

nike-hindsight-glassesI recently covered the Lightlane, a device that can project a bike lane for bikers. This improves bike safety, just like the new Nike Hindsight.

The Nike Hindsight are special glasses designed to increase peripheral vision on each side by 25 percent. I suppose that these will look better than the mirrors that I see on some types of biker helmets.

I don’t think mirrors are involved in making the Hindsight work. These glasses use Fresnel lenses, which are the same wide aperture and short focal length type used by lighthouses. So you could probably see what is behind you in some sort of curvy fashion, I would imagine.

Want to know something funny? The Nike Hindsight isn’t affiliated with the huge shoe company that Tiger Woods endorses. My source doesn’t have much information on the Hindsight, or why Nike has got associated with it. Anyway, it is designed by Billy May, who is in no way related to Billy Mays, the infomercial king who recently passed away.

Still, the Nike Hindsight is something that is definitely needed. You don’t want to be the biker who bites it on the pavement because you took the time to turn your head to look for traffic. That has happened to me many times before.


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