Nike+ FuelBand – Because Lifes a Game

It’s official, Spring has sprung, not that we ever had much of a Winter. I look out the window this afternoon and my thoughts turn to bathing suits and barbecues, not necessarily in that order. The barbecue sounds great, slapping on a swimsuit after a winter that didn’t involve so much as a single sleigh ride or shoveling session, not so much.
Well it looks like Nike is at the ready to save us from ourselves with their new FuelBand, How active do you wish you were? Let your Nike+ FuelBand know and it will monitor your progress, track your time, steps taken, calories burned and keep tabs on your NikeFuel. Compete with others or against yourself, everyday can be a new challenge.
The Nike FuelBand even looks cool. A high tech bracelet that displays your exercise statistics in LED lights and with the companion app and the Nike+ website your fitness goals are destined to become a reality. Your FuelBand starts the day red and turns from red to yellow to green as you hit your daily fitness goals.
The FuelBand certainly looks more comfortable than some of those larger “wrist fitness” devices and much more user friendly and accessible than other bands simply because it has a display and the ability to sync wirelessly, the Nike+ FuelBand comes in three sizes and can easily be adjusted for whether you’re wearing it on your right or left wrist. The Fuelband should be aavailable for around 149 bucks, but it is currently sold out at  However, go to the website for more info or to sign up to be notified that they are back in stock. In the meantime, less barbecue and more exercise for me.