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Night Runner Shoe Lights – can’t stop, won’t stop

NightRunner Shoe Lights

If you want to stay in shape, you know how important it is to work out 4 or more times a week. For those that are really driven, it’s an every day ordeal, and missing a session throws off your game. If your morning is too busy or you wake up late, then your only choice is to go after work, and sometimes that means exercising after the sun has gone down.

For those that enjoy taking a walk, hiking, or running, you only have the luxury of good lighting at night when you’re indoors. To go off on trails, down side roads, or when you’re too far from a town center to have street lighting, there’s the Night Runner 270 degree Shoe Lights. These are two 150 lumen LED lights that have back-facing red tail lights to make sure you can be seen whether you’re coming or going. It’s certainly going to be less of a hassle than wearing a head or belt light.

These only weigh 1.5 ounces, and will give you 270 degrees of visibility up to 30 meters. It just wouldn’t be right if these weren’t water resistant and able to handle the beating they’ll get when on your feet going several miles per hour, so thankfully they’ve got you covered in both situations. These will fasten to your shoelaces, and will need to be recharged after around 4-6 hours of use. You’ll be looking at parting with $59.95 if you’re interested, but they should be sturdy enough for avid runners.

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