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The Nightlighter – see and be seen

THe nightlighter

Walking at night can be refreshing as well as terrifying. If the moon and stars aren’t out to give you any light and you aren’t in an area with street lamps, things can seem dark and scary awfully fast. It’s at this point that you start becoming tense, wondering what every rustle of leaves or distant wind blowing through the trees might be, rather than what they are.

Being able to see our surroundings can rid us of much of that fear, but only having a single beam of light from a flashlight to lead your path doesn’t always work. You want the light to be in front of you, but to also illuminate your peripheral vision so your mind can’t cook up what might be there. The Nightlighter will provide you with the same mental comfort as a nightlight in your room did when you were young. This is a dual flashlight that has a forward-facing beam as well as one facing downward. Both use super-bright LEDs to make a wide-angle beam.

The oval design makes it easier to carry for longer periods of time, and it’s made of a polymer that can withstand regular use. You don’t have to use both lights at the same time, as the switch will allow you to use either one separately or together. You will need 3 AA batteries, and it will cost you $19.95. The color is not specific, so don’t spend the money hoping for green as there’s a chance you may end up being stuck with something else.

Available for purchase on firststreetonline, found via redferret


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