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Take With You Nightlight Orbs light up your room in style

takewithyou-orbsWhen darkness falls, you know for sure that this is when monsters that hide under the bed start to reveal themselves – slimy tentacles and all that, although if you were to take a peek under the bed through a surprise “ambush”, they magically retreat to whatever dimension that they hailed from in the first place. Hence, a nightlight that is flexible would definitely come in handy, and the $79.95 Take With You Nightlight Orbs fits the bill perfectly.

The Take With You Nightlight Orbs happen to boast of a trio of glowing orbs which can be lifted directly from their base, allowing you to carry them as a kind of flashlight. It is perfect to illuminate a dark hallway during a trip to the bathroom, or perhaps to run through the room’s nooks and crannies when dusk falls, assuring your little one that there are totally no monsters in the room at all. The nightlight’s phosphorescent orbs will emit a warm, colored glow which will fade slowly over the next half hour after they are taken away from their base. Boasting of a smooth plastic exterior, it will remain cool to the touch and will not shatter if one drops it, while the three-armed pedestal is able to emit a bright light continuously or be turned off when the orbs are removed.