NightCove offers hi-tech sleeping solution


Going to sleep is not a simple matter as counting sheep – there are plenty of people who have trouble nodding off at the end of a long day, as their minds drift toward endless bills to pay and a mortgage that can’t seem to finish. This translates to poor sleep quality, resulting in a diminished performance at work the next day. It is then not surprising how sleepy one gets in the afternoon after a heavy lunch, where a cup of coffee is almost compulsory to hang on until the end of the day. NightCove is a unique bedside lamp that helps improve the quality of your sleep by bathing you in selected light wavelengths and sound frequencies that were specially adapted for the physiological needs of sleep.

There are three programs available with the NightCove – Sleep, Wake-up, and Nap programs. Sleep, the first of the three, aims to send you to dreamland soonest possible while Wake-up gently nudges you awake in order to give you the best possible start to the day. Nap programs are exactly that – great for those who want to catch quality forty winks and feel a whole lot better after that.

You can even link up a couple of NightCove units for synchronized and stereo operation, fitting in nicely into your surroundings with its cutting edge design. I’m not too sure whether sleeping in the presence of specially tuned light waves and sound frequencies really work, but at $2,300 a unit, they had better! I do know people who will end up having sleepless nights instead after plonking down serious dollars on a device that they aren’t sure works as intended.

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