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Night Vision Video Binoculars help you see clearly in the dark

nv-binocularsRemember all of those movies or spy series on the TV where our heroes find themselves in a spot at night while infiltrating an enemy base? It is definitely a good thing then that they brought their pair of night vision goggles or binoculars, eh? It certainly helps them take down the baddies without the enemies knowing what hit them in the first place. Well, you can now relive those imaginary moments in real life with the $249.95 Night Vision Video Binoculars.

The Night Vision Video Binoculars are digital binoculars which will allow you to clearly view — and get this, even photograph and record videos of subjects in near total darkness as long as you are within range of 100 meters. This pair of binoculars will make use of a two-watt infrared LED which will show off objects on an easy-to-view LED monitor, ensuring that they remain visible even on the murkiest of nights. The binoculars will sport eight brightness levels, with 3X optical magnification, 2X digital zoom, and manual focus wheel that enable you to capture the nocturnal habits of animals, or even stumble your way back to camp after spending the night out stargazing. All videos and photos are saved onto an SD memory card, and it would be best to get rechargeable AA batteries to go along with the Night Vision Video Binoculars since it runs on 8 of them.