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Night Glow Toilet Seat ensures you do not miss at night

night-glow-toiletThe Japanese must be complimented on bringing the art of toilet seats to a whole new level – and I am not referring to its comfort level alone with all the various bells and whistles, where it can be electronically warmed so that you do not end up with a shock during the winter months. Well, if you do not have the kind of money to purchase a high quality bidet system to install in your home, perhaps you can settle for the next best thing – with the $49.99 Night Glow Toilet Seat. With the Night Glow Toilet Seat, you do not need to worry about missing the target at night, so to speak, although it would not hurt to actually turn on the lights in the first place.

It is said that it is capable of remaining aglow for up to 8 hours per “charge” from any light source. This means you need not worry about kicking the toilet bowl by accident, and it works great for en-suite bathrooms, guest bathrooms, hotels, retirement homes, assisted living homes and for any toilet visited in the dark. It will “charge up” in a matter of minutes – whether through the last few rays of sunlight, or through incandescent bulbs, among others. The Night Glow Toilet Seat will be available in a blue glow or the traditional green glow color, depending on your preference – although first timers seeing it might be spooked into thinking that your toilet is haunted!

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