The nifti iPhone 6 Case is perfect for selfie fanatics

nifti iPhone 6 selfie remote case

If you’re part of the selfie craze and have yet to get a remote shutter control, chances are you’re in the market for one. The only annoying part about having one is making sure you store it in a safe place, as most of these things are not very big, and can be easy to lose. While you could always search for one that will alert you if you’re about to leave it behind, why not just integrate it into your phone case?

The nifti iPhone 6 Case is a wireless Bluetooth shutter remote that will play nicely with any iOS devices. Of course, it will work just fine with Android phones and tablets as well, but it’s built into a case that will only fit the iPhone 6. Storage of the remote is extremely easy, as it has a slide-in slot on the back of the case to keep it safe until you need it next. This is capable of snapping a photo from up to 30 feet away, and can fully charge after 20 minutes of being connected to a power source through USB. If the remote is inactive for 5 minutes, it will go into a power saving mode.

The case is made of a thin, lightweight and durable plastic. In other words, it’s not top-notch protection but it will be better than having your phone all by its lonesome. This will cost you $30, and is sure to make your seflies that much more exciting. There are, as always, other options to choose from if this doesn’t tickle your fancy.

Available for purchase on Amazon