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Neyya smart ring ready in time for the 2015 holiday season

neyyaSince there are so many different products out there that are connected to the Internet in one way or another, how about having another to be part of your tech savvy arsenal? Surely that will not hurt, and considering how you already have amassed a pair of smart glasses, carry a smartphone, use a tablet, drive a smart car, and who knows, even have smart light bulbs and other various IoT household appliances, perhaps it is time to cement your union with smart devices for good with a ring. Since you are at it, there would not be anything that is more apt than that of a smart ring, don’t you think so?

Neyya has been specially designed to target the busy woman of today, where it sports a great mix of practical and fun uses for work and for play. Even when her smartphone or laptop is far away from her, she might still find herself to be in a place where she needs to access important information. Neyya steps in then, allowing her to be in control of accessing her devices with a simple tap and swipe.

Even when she is sitting down to have lunch with friends, she can keep track of who is calling her without having to fumble with her handset all the time. After all, Neyya will discreetly buzz her finger in order to notify her of any important calls or texts.

Neyya does more than just inform you of an incoming phone call or text message, of course. Imagine you are on the path to improve your overall fitness – Neyya will do its bit to encourage you to achieve your weekly fitness goals, as you can also control your favorite playlist as well as the kind of songs that it should play, and nudging Neyya will pick up the pace. A simple swipe on Neyya will allow one to move through slides in Keynote, PowerPoint and Prezi, at the same time remaining focused and connected to one’s audience. Neyya will arrive in Titanium and Gold shades, retailing for $139 and $179, respectively.

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