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The NextDesk Terra 2s gets you off your buns

NextDesk Terra2s

Working at your desk can make you a little crazy at times. When you have more to do than you can mentally handle and you know that you have to sit at your desk, essentially ruining your health by the minute, it’s hard to keep a positive outlook. The rise (figurative and literal) of standing desks is changing the game for office workers, and now many are struggling to find the perfect fit for both their office and their wallet.

While you can certainly take your pick off the market, the NextDesk Terra 2s is hoping to be a contender. This is a standing desk that will allow you to raise and lower the height at will through a control panel under the desk surface. It has dual microprocessor controlled lifting columns, 18 volt DC motors, internal dual chain drives to keep the task quiet and consistent, and 3 programmable memory presets.

There is an LED display that will let you know what height selection you’re on, and all components that whir and tick are out of sight and out of mind. The frame is made out of recycled aluminum, and the desktop can either be made of rubberwood or bamboo with a light, medium, or dark finish. The desk alone will cost you around $1,697, though there are plenty of add-ons to make it two-tiered, give you a keyboard platform, storage compartments, and more.

Available for purchase on nextdesks