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Nextbook E FUN tablet runs on Windows 8.1

nextbook-efunWhat do you use your tablet for most of the time? Is it for work, or do you happen to make use of it for a more leisurely purpose? Those who tend to make use of it for work would more often than not have a connected Bluetooth keyboard, or a keyboard folio case of sorts so that they can type documents out at a far faster rate compared to making use of the regular virtual keyboard. Having said that, it might be more common to make use of a tablet as a portable entertainment device, and the Nextbook 8″ tablet with Windows 8.1 from E FUN happens to be worth checking out since you do not need to break the bank at $99 a pop.

One of the more interesting features of the Nextbook E FUN tablet would be the inclusion of a mini HDMI output, where it would allow you to mirror the entire tablet’s display right smack on a compatible TV screen. In other words, you can view videos, play the latest games, and access all of your favorite mobile apps right there on a big sized, flat screen TV. Apart from that, why not go the extra mile and take advantage of streaming Netflix, Hulu and other online services to the TV directly from your tablet? This would help eliminate the “middle person” so to speak, meaning there is no need for Roku or Apple TV.

Of course, if gaming on your tablet is your cup of tea, you can always opt to hook up a gaming controller to it via USB, and then your touchscreen experience can be automatically transformed into that of a console-like one, albeit minus the Full HD graphics and 60fps graphics that one has come to expect from the Xbox One and PS4, of course. The Nextbook E FUN tablet would make use of a microUSB adapter and an Xbox controller, and it would go some distance in improving the playability of games like Team Fortress 2, Call of Duty, Halo, and Asphalt 8, just to name some.

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