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The nexpaq is a modular case that gives your phone more power


While we want everything to be as streamlined and minimalistic as possible, you never know when you’re going to need a gadget, gizmo, or tool to help you during the day. That’s likely why it’s so easy to be infatuated with multi-tools. They are everything you might need packed down to a portable size that doesn’t get in the way.

While we’ve seen a lot of multi-tool items for phones, we don’t see much that actually improves your phone. It is usually a tool like a wrench, nail file, or some other implement. If you want to make your phone more awesome than it already is, the nexpaq case will give it a variety of add-ons that only make it more amazing. The case has a built-in battery so the modular add-ons won’t drain your phone’s battery, and gives your phone a little extra boost.

There are currently 12 different modules available. There are options for extra battery power, (up to 90% more), amplifed speaker, an LED flashlight, SD card reader, temperature and humidity sensors, hotkeys, a 64GB flash drive, an air quality sensor, laser, backup 64GB hard drive, and an empty block. This will work for the iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, or Samgsung Galaxy S5. The modules are cross-platform compatible for iOS and Android, so you can swap with friends. This will cost you $89 or more depending on how fancy you want to get.

Available for crowdfuding on Kickstarter