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Newton’s Cradle Fridge Magnet delivers a science lesson every morning

newtons-cradleI am quite sure that a fair number of us have grown up fascinated by the Newton’s Cradle, which is essentially a set up that demonstrates just how one of the laws of physics work, which in this particular case, it would be that of conservation of mass and energy. Well, why not make sure that the next generation, too, is aware of this particular law with the $14.99 Newton’s Cradle Fridge Magnet?

It will play nice on just about anything that is ferrous, including your fridge, locker, and filing cabinet – as long as the built-in magnet will be able to work alongside it. The Newton’s Cradle Fridge Magnet happens to be a ThinkGeek creation and exclusive, where it will work and mesmerize just about anyone who lays their eyes upon it, demonstrating the laws of conservation of mass and energy each time the door is opened and closed. Heck, it comes in handy to kill those boring moments in the kitchen while you are waiting for the kettle to boil, or perhaps waiting for the food in the oven to thaw. Far better than any other boring fridge magnet, right?

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