New USB gadget allows for inflight recharge

InFlight Executive Power Bundle

You’re right in the middle of a great movie and your laptop dies. You’re listening to a really great album on your iPod and it dies. What can one do when you’re in the middle of a long, perhaps international, flight and you must face a hours and hours of boredom because you’re tech let you down with dead batteries? You could bring along a solar battery charger, but that only works as long as the plane is travelling with the sun in the window.

Well, you can now use the Power Executive Bundle by Inflight. This line of USB power units plug into the passenger seat audio jack to provide regulated power to the attached USB plug & charging cable/connector. Travelers can now charge up any device and get back to fighting the ongoing battle of airline boredom.

The Executive model comes with a Plug-in tip for the iPod, that also supports the Nano, Mini, 4G (click wheel), Video iPod, and even the iPhone. The Shuffle doesn’t need a special plug in and can be powered directly. In addition, it also comes with a mini B tip for Blackberrys, and Motorola & RAZR cellphones. The power charger also plugs into any conventional USB cable for powering up a laptop battery.

Cost is about $35-45.

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